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Rebranding A Legacy.

Helping a 50 year old engineering firm align across 19 regions to re-imagine their brand positioning.


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Engineering Identity

After La Visual was selected to build a new website for KPFF, we quickly learned they were in need of a closer look at their brand. Instead of starting a process for website design, we initiated a series of branding and UX workshops educating over 100 principals on components of brand identity in the context of digital. The challenge? The current logo had 25 years of history. In other words, design a new logo without looking like an entirely different company. Existing clients needed to be comfortable that this is the same company that has been delivering excellence for decades. What emerged was an evolutionary logo that was modern, bold and simple.

Values & Vibrancy

Color is such an important aspect of creating memorable identities, and an important area of opportunity to further distinguish the client from the competition. What resulted was a vibrant and extensive color palette rooted in the client’s five core values. This palette was not only used to deeply instill core values into the foundation of the organization, but it was proposed to be used by each of the 19 locations to align with KPFF’s ethos to remain a diversified and decentralized organization.

Humans help drive good design

After establishing a strong brand platform and corporate identity system, we set out to design a website that would achieve primary business goals without neglecting what the user personas demanded. What emerged was a brilliant and bold representation of beautiful people and beautiful places. A fresh and elegant responsive design that would bring the culture to the forefront for future employees, while giving prospective clients easy access to relevant information about projects, process and places.

Self Realization

Mid-project, KPFF came to the conclusion that this bold new look was too radical of a departure from their past identity, and set out to use the work that La Visual completed to seek a solution that would gain more consensus in their highly decentralized organization.

If you’d like to see the work they did, you can view it here. We applaud their efforts in staying true to their values. After all, our research & discovery workshops played a critical part in helping them discover their true identity. And for that, we’re grateful.

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