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Seize the Moment.

A full rebrand to unlock the heart and soul of a company and empower its audience.


Market Analysis Insights / Competitive Positioning / Brand Strategy / Logo Design / Corporate Identity Design / UX/UI Design


Brand Usage Guidelines / Collateral Systems / Digital Presentations / Sales Sheets / Internal Signage / Website Design

Under a Single Banner

We can soar to new heights.

MomentFeed is a company full of culture and passion. They’re smart and determined to make people’s lives better. When their team asked us to help them do a better job of telling that story to the world, we were enthused to join forces. The task? An all-new brand identity that communicates the very essence of MomentFeed’s ability to effectively empower their customers.

The New Logo

We used a wing taking flight and a flag as inspiration for a new icon. We wanted to translate the fluidity and advancement of MomentFeed while also creating a rallying banner for the company and their audience. We were pleased with the result. The design is agile, visually balanced and incorporates subtle ties to the previous logo that creates a sense of continuity.

We combined the design with bold new messaging and the elements work together to communicate the forward-thinking nature of the company. MomentFeed leads from the front and our brand approach works to support that truth.

The Journey

Uncovering the authentic story.

We started our process as we always do, with extensive research. This technique unveiled the essence of the brand as well as clear opportunities to differentiate within the competitive landscape.

Empowering every moment

We created a brand strategy and identity system that speaks to the heart of the value that MomentFeed brings to its clients everyday. Our design provided a visual language that infused every touchpoint with smart, bold, and empowering visuals — including variable-data printed business cards with useful insights for marketers.

All The Way Through Digital

Our multi-disciplinary team extended the MomentFeed brand image across internal & external digital touchpoints using industry better practices for all UX/UI design. This included presentation templates, digital sales one-sheets, website styleguide, branded functional animations, and social media.

A Whole New Experience

The top-to-bottom rebrand also included custom signage design and patterns for the interior of MomentFeed’s new offices in Santa Monica. By the end of the project, MomentFeed had been truly transformed — inside & out.

In the months following the rebrand roll-out, MomentFeed’s brand reach has shifted from a slow decline to an agressive increase and continues to grow.

MomentFeed Rebrand Results


Increased Daily Pageviews PV


Increased Daily Time On Site


Increased Global Pagerank