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New Era, New Look.

Communicating the transformation of a global solutions leader.


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Brand Usage Guidelines / Collateral Systems / Brand Rollout Microsite / Internal APB Announcements / Internal Branding

the digital future.

Since 1985, On Assignment, a Fortune 100 Company, has helped businesses solve complex problems and build their future. For over 30 years, they have recruited and placed the world’s brightest in science, technology, engineering, and creative fields. Having worked with On Assignment in the past, La Visual was excited to partner with them to reinvigorate their brand for the modern digital world.

The Science of Design

La Visual established a strategic methodology as a basis to approach the task. We conducted extensive research within their organization, divisions, and comparative market to build a trove of branding data. Our strategists sifted through the information and discovered the most critical opportunities. This scientific approach inspired the design, building and testing phases that culminated in a brand identity that represents who they are as a company.

"We needed a way to better communicate our strengths with dignity and pride. We needed a new wardrobe."

A Digital Era Identity

We included On Assignment during the process as we navigated our way towards a personally authentic, unique and modern logo and identity system that embraces the digital landscape. Through testing and iteration we were able to successfully translate the brand to an old-world print process without sacrificing its digital essence.

Global Rollout

We also used the Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and comprehensive Brand Usage Guidelines process to create an internal branding microsite. We crafted a digital presentation on the site to communicate On Assignment’s distinctive story within their organization and across their divisions. Our calculated rollout plan and execution resulted in buy-in from key stakeholders throughout their global organization before the rebrand went public.

Final Digital Touchpoints Design

It was now time to go public with the rebrand. La Visual provided full UX/UI design specifications for their in-house development team to rebuild and re-launch their corporate website and the investor relations portal. In the months that followed the global rebrand, On Assignment’s ASGN stock prices have grown at an increased rate. At this point it has risen by over 25% and we at La Visual feel honored to have been a part of that growth.

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