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Luxury Uncovered

Elevating an iconic American brand with bleeding-edge digital.


Rapid Prototyping / Product Strategy / Branding / UI/UX


iOS Development / iBeacon Triangulation / Web Services

2015 Lincoln MKC Launch Tour

Immersive Experiential Branding At Its Best

La Visual helped Lincoln disrupt the traditional static test-drive consumer journey with a fully immersive, iBeacon-integrated iOS mobile app and AV experience only 20 days after iBeacon technology was made available to the public.


WHAT IF — drivers could experience the drive AND the technology behind the drive, in real-time? We developed a 360° branded experience to do exactly that by incorporating an iBeacon-powered augmented reality iPad app, complete with sound stations and audio prompts.

We need to do something nobody has ever done, using emergent technology less than 30 days on the market, launch it nationwide, in less than 8 weeks.

A comprehensive digital solution; the first of its kind.

Cranking out a fully-functional rapid prototype in twenty days was one thing, but a national, 50-city tour would put our tech to the test, and fast. Days after product completion, we had to coach up staff on the technology, add a patented carbon fiber iPad shade, as well as a full training kit for Sales reps, drivers and SMEs —all just in time.

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