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Listen, Together.

A category-defining idea becomes the only truely collaborative music experience.


Rapid Prototyping / Product Strategy / Branding / UI/UX / Funding / Press


iOS App / Music Service Integration / Live Music Streaming

Right From The Start

To the consumer, digital music is either positioned as either a discovery play or music streaming—it’s a watered down space, and difficult to navigate. To break through the noise, La Visual helped weeSPIN develop a clear and compelling social differentiator at the brand-level, and prototype from there.

Disruptive By Design

With strong brand positioning and user testing up-front, La Visual was able to help weeSPIN pinpoint the core problem they needed to solve for consumers early on. This strategy-led product design not only helped weeSPIN secure seed-funding, but also validated market fit to provide a clear product roadmap moving forward.

I thought I was walking through the door to work on a project, and I left with a company.

Prototype. Improve. Repeat.

With a solid brand, product strategy (and funding) in place, La Visual’s lean product development process was able to help weeSPIN better fulfill its mission. Through focused, user-data-centric iterations, we’ve improved user retention from 15%, up to 70% in year one.

A Proven Partnership

La Visual has remained a strategic partner and friend to weeSPIN. “Not just a client — but a true partner,” in the words of CEO Darius Fong. Its an ongoing relationship that has seen weeSPIN grow to raise over $750,000 in seed funding.

WeeSpin Startup Results


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