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Making a Splash

A start-to-finish strategy,
naming & identity to shake up
an entire industry.


Market Analysis Insights / Competitive Positioning / Brand Strategy / Naming / Brand Architecture / Rollout / Logo Design / Corporate Identity Design


Brand Usage Guidelines / Collateral System / Lead Capture Microsite / Social Media Campaign

New Product.
New Brand.
New Market.

La Visual had the pleasure of meeting Elation Professional and their story left a lasting impression on us. They were bold, capable and progressive. Their product was purpose-built to fill a big gap in their industry and we had the privileged task of helping them create a new brand that lived up to the high level of the product.

Discover / Analyze / Position / Execute

Our research process illuminated clear opportunities for differentiation within the market, and we defined the strategy to best accomplish our findings.

Naming Stuff Ain’t Easy

Our comprehensive brand strategy created the foundation for a robust and extensive naming process. We effectively narrowed down the options from hundreds of potential candidates and top names were tested on groups within, and outside of, the target audience.

You call a tree a tree... and you think nothing more of the word. But it was not a ‘tree’ until someone gave it that name.

Proteus is Born

Strategy and design combined to position a powerful and purposeful product. One that enables lighting designers to create experiences without being beholden to the elements. A product that doesn’t compromise power for versatility. A product with a name that reflects its ability. A product named Proteus.

Proteus Brand Identity

We created a logo and visual language that supports the name and definitively conveys the brand message. As creatives, we have the highest standards for quality design. We always endeavor to pay attention to the smallest details and take great pride in our work. These values resulted in, what we believe is, a clear and memorable brand unlike any other in the space.

Ready, Launch

In order to communicate the new brand to the right audiences we created a simple and highly targeted marketing plan. This included social media and email campaigns and a microsite that gave our audiences updates on the leadup to the launch and roll-out of the brand at the 2016 LDI conference.


The launch was a success! Our friends at Elation Professional received the award for “Best Debuting Product” at the 2016 LDI conference. Their success demonstrates the effectiveness of a good brand launch campaign. For more, visit

Proteus Product Brand Results


Points Analyzed


Days for Strategy,
Design & Launch


Best Debuting Product,
LDI Conference