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Lincoln Moments

Re-living the drive experience.
Re-inventing social engagement.


Rapid Prototyping / Product Strategy / Experiential Branding / UI/UX


Passive Video Capture / Automated Web Services / Social Integration

Capture Quick.
Make It Fun.
Make It Shareable.

Stories are at the center of our emotional connections to product and brand. This is especially true with cars. To encourage consumers to share their drive experience in the Lincoln MKC, La Visual captured the experience with video, and developed a seamless digital experience to let them share their stories, in real-time.

Record. Re-Live. Refer.

The test-drive is the single most important touchpoint between consumer and brand. And yet, this experience is all but completely abandoned or (shudder) forgotten. Lincoln asked us to help them not only re-engage drivers, but to engage their friends online, and re-live the drive with them.


La Visual began by capturing the core drive experience with a native iPhone 6 recording application that automatically integrated camera, GPS and wifi/Bluetooth to record video, photos, timestamps, geo-location and vehicle data. Once captured, video content would be automagically sent to a secure a cloud service for upload. The entire experience was controlled by the drive host with a linked iPad.


Sharing captured content called for a robust web-based solution. La Visual’s platform created a unique microsite to contain the drive experience. As soon as their experience was uploaded and available to be viewed, the driver would receive an SMS with their private URL, allowing them to re-live their drive and then simply tap to share their moments with their followers on social media.


Consumers could choose to link their social accounts from their unique microsite, or before the drive — during the registration phase. This not only decreased the amount of time and work needed for consumers to register at events (a large pain point) by allowing them to link their social network profiles on-site, with ease. Once they received their experience, sharing it was as simple as pressing send — their social information was already linked.

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