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A category-defining brand identity launched the fastest growing poké franchise in america.


Competitive Analysis / Creative Positioning / Corporate Identity Design / Collateral Design / Design Language & Systems


Brand Illumination Report / Scalable Logo System / Brand Usage Guidelines / Collateral System / Print & Digital Menu System / Website Design

Heading For
Open Waters

LemonShark Poké sought to pioneer the “fine-casual” restaurant movement. One problem: Their identity didn’t capture the essence of their unique experience. La Visual created a strategic design language that dramatically set their brand apart—providing a foundation for amazing growth.

Smart Casual

The LemonShark Poké team had engaged with previous agencies who missed the mark both aesthetically and strategically. La Visual’s variety of experience and data-driven process clearly illuminated their competitive market—allowing us to carve out a uniquely-positioned brand image. We developed a universal design language, succinctly detailed in a brand usage guidelines document for all future franchises. We created a collateral package that included business cards, menus, and initial website design to launch LemonShark Poké to the world.

A Refined Taste

The lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) is very selective about what it eats. There is a type of natural elegance about that—we had to capture it. We were energized by the concept of attainable luxury, which is represented in the modern, minimalistic identity systems we created. It is both elegant and cheeky, infused with an approachable personality that communicates the heart and soul of the brand.

A huge part of our company’s value is tied to people’s response to the branding, and we’ve gotten amazing feedback.

The Bottom Line

From a single store at the start of the engagement, La Visual’s strategic process has helped our client secure over 80 franchises accross the US and internationally. A company that would have stalled because it lacked a unique brand image has flourished, and continues to do so.

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