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the Journey.

An idea, a cause, a calling.
A name, an identity, a community.
A new treadmill studio for everyone.


Market Analysis Insights / Competitive Positioning / Strategy / Naming / Rollout / Logo Design / Corporate Identity Design / UX/UI Design & Web Development


Brand Strategy / Brand Name / Brand Logo & Identity / Brand Usage Guidelines / Collateral System / E-Commerce & Booking Website

Juma means “to run”.

The name comes from the language of the Tarahumara Tribe, an indigenous tribe of people in Mexico renowned for their running ability. Their inclusive and optimistic culture of community inspired our strategy to build a tribal brand that gives back.

Tribal branding

A treadmill studio with a tribal feel. A brand that feels inclusive, approachable, engaging, and empowering. A great cause bringing fresh water to people around the world. La Visual’s award-winning team brought it all together.

The Journey Mark

The mark flows from the strategy and positioning to create a specific and very intentional brand perception.

Symbolism & Meaning

The spiral is a universal symbol for water. Juma donates to charity:water with every signup. The heart is the symbol for love. We bring these together with the vibrant and diverse colors to express our brand essence.

Brand Usage Guidelines

As we carry the theme into the brand identity, we deconstruct the “journey” into a collection of elements including colors, pathways and points. These elements represent the diversity in each person’s own fitness journey, and invite them to join the Juma tribe — no matter where they are along the way.

Endless Variety & Self-Expression

The vibrant colors and patterns are designed to allow each member of the community embrace their own journey.

Performance & Beauty

La Visual not only created the strategy, identity, messaging and guidelines, we also built an award-winning website optimized for business success. It consistently out-performed benchmarks, including native app signups.

2019 w3 Award - Best in Show
2019 w3 Award - Gold

Juma Fit Brand Results


Bounce Rate; 61% better than
Global Average of 41%


Organic Conversions
In Top 25% Globally (4.07%)


Online Booking Revenue,
Global Average ~10% vs. In-store