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La Visual helped CIVIC find their
voice and carve out a top position
in this new real estate lending market.


Corporate Cultural Development / Organizational Alignment / Market Research & Analysis / Positioning Strategy / Internal Branding / Identity & Experience Design / Web Design & Development / Digital Marketing


Brand Illumination / Brand Strategy / Logo & Identity Design / Messaging Systems / Collateral Package / Brand Usage Guidelines / Enterprise Website & CMS / Strategic & Creative Direction

The Bold Mark
of Victory

Civic Financial Services is a private money lending company that exploded onto the scene. Having started with a few guys in a tiny room, the company grew to 50+ employees in one year. They needed to understand who they were becoming, how they could harness their sudden momentum, and steer their company in the right direction.

Challenge Accepted

The La Visual team jumped right in, and began with a cultural intelligence assessment. We conducted interviews with key stakeholders and clients, and used our creative process to gather data from employees. The results were invaluable. We presented a gap analysis that illustrated every area the company needed to shift to guarantee success, and will bring value to the CIVIC team for many years to come.

Internal Branding

Break Boundaries

Now we understood the heartbeat of the client and we built the brand on those truths. Hard money gets a bad wrap, but CIVIC is financially backed by reputable institutions. They’re a young and innovative team that’s streamlining and simplifying the lending process with digital solutions. We created a complete brand strategy under the banner of “break through.” They’re breaking through in everything they do. New clients and seasoned lenders, brokers and investors are breaking through barriers and into new opportunities when they partner with CIVIC.

Opportunity unleashed

We created a brand identity that visually represents the brand essence and values. The V symbolizes a set of wings. It also symbolizes the roman numeral for the number five, with elements for every one of the CIVIC core values. Our team derived this concept from Victoria, the Roman Goddess of Victory, who aided people in their conquests. It is designed to be confident, sophisticated, and supportive while breaking through conventions in the industry. Whatever problem you may encounter CIVIC will support you through the fight and help you go further.

Capturing a company culture

Our Corporate Cultural Development process proved to be an important part of CIVIC’s growth and helped to identify new opportunities as well as areas for improvement. Our team set out to capture the diverse, positive, and welcoming culture of CIVIC in order to bring it to the surface through video and photography.

Digital Rollout

La Visual went on to deliver a unique and robust enterprise website and CMS platform—custom-engineered to meet the demand and needs of this rapidly-growing organization. A full corporate web platform and scalable UI library designed and developed using modern Angular, Node, & Typescript best practices.

La Visual’s digital team extended the brand and content across print and digital touchpoints to include highly-engaging social media campaigns—garnering a 200% increase in digital engagement.


CIVIC’s amazing team and dedicated leadership has brought them firmly into top performers in the market, lending over $4 billion in September 2020 alone. As they continue to break through barriers and soar to new heights, we are confident that they have a brand strategy to support them along the way. We are proud to have been a part of their story of change and growth, and are excited to see where they go from here.

Civic Global ReBrand Results


Increase in
Business Growth Rate


Increase in
Employee Growth Rate


Increase in
Digital Marketing Engagement