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We help entrepreneurs conquer the perils of poorly designed brands, prototypes and MVPs.

Helping startups build a brand and develop a product. Period.

Most early-stage startups don’t have enough funds to onboard a world-class team of brand strategists, designers and engineers. Consequently, most startups struggle to get past the idea phase and complete the development of an MVP needed to secure serious funding. We are here to change that. Our job is to help you get your first major round of funding. How? By focusing on what matters. Design. For every one of our startups, we apply our learnings from over 18 years of working with some of the best tech brands in the world.

Little did we know, that when former CEO of IBM Thomas Watson said ‘Good design is good business’, he was absolutely right.

Design matters more now than ever. Project X exists to help startups begin a strong design process and help them complete the development phase at a superior experiential level. More importantly, this not only gets our startups one step closer to conquering the world by getting serious funding, it gets them closer to what the user wants. After all, this is the era where design-savvy users demand rich, relevant and delightful experiences. No compromises.


Be A Superhero

We offer you access to our product design team to whiteboard, bluesky, write personas, charter business goals, conduct user-testing, focus your ideas and give you new ones, get you coffee, scratch your back, give you a desk and make you feel like a superhero. We like to give you something to show to our investment partners in less than 30 days. No fast pitch events. No applications. Just great people looking for great startups to invest in. Of course, bearing a strong resemblance to Bruce Wayne may get your name to the top of the stack. But unfortunately, we can’t help you there.


Our process.

Our product design and development team uses a lean startup process. We test with real human audiences to validate business goals, then launch micro go-to-market campaigns to prove the concept in a live staging environment. This gives us early market validation to make the MVP function best for its users.


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Funding to date: $750,000

A live music app that lets you share music with your friends in real-time — minute-by-minute, beat-by-beat.


Author Bucket

Funding to date: $225,000

Acquired: 2014

Author Bucket is the only alternative for published authors to sell their ebooks direct through a powerful web platform.



Funding to date: $100,000

Television’s finest talent sourcing platform. Made by people with over 30 years of experience in casting for reality television, Projo is a powerful web application that makes managing your talent easier than ever.


Videra Pro

Funding to date: $150,000

MRR: $10,000+

Videra is a site builder and CMS that takes care of the heavy integrations that businesses need, without sacrificing the creative control and ease-of-use they want.

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